Mums are the undisputed workhorses of the World!

We love, we laugh, we teach, we listen, we discipline, we heal, we counsel, we motivate, we shelter, we nurture, we protect, we cook, we clean, we create, we imagine, we inspire and we are the hinge on the door to our childrens’ worlds.

There’s much to talk about!

Hi my name’s Janet and I’m a thirty four year old proud mum to identical 19 month old girls. When I started sharing my experiences with friends expecting their first child emailing them information, research and tales of my experiences I realised an opportunity to reach more women than just my own circle of friends. I am on the ongoing lifelong journey of sharing stories, experiences, home safety research, laughs and random thoughts in the brave new world of mummydom. I welcome and look forward to your comments, feedback and sharing your own ‘yummy’ mummy experiences. (Yummy = from Delightful to Horrific, but 100% yours!)

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