Two’s: Don’t be embarrassed to say it’s not happening

Written by admin on February 4, 2011. Posted in In the Hospital

Okay. Nobody likes talking about bodily fluids let alone these ones. But I have to fill you in on something that didn’t really register with me until one, obviously learned nurse asked me “When did you last do a number 2?” While every nurse that walked through my room asked me when was the last time I fed the babies or when they last did a #2 (they even had a chart I had to fill out on those). I hadn’t really given myself a second thought. “Since I checked in…hmmmm. Six days.” As the words left my lips I realised that was bad. She dropped her chin and looked at me with wide eyes. “Six days?! Okay I’m going to give you this liquid to drink and we’ll see how you get on.” And do you think I drank it? Well she came back a few hours later and it was still sitting on the shelf. I was so preoccupied with changing and feeding the girls and talking to visitors that it had slipped my mind. And now I was going to pay for it. She said okay. It’s not going to work for you sitting on that shelf there! I’m going to pop a capsule into your bottom and you’ll need to keep it there for about six minutes to make sure it’ll do a proper job. Um. Okay. What’s my second option? I’ll drink the mix, see?! She looked at me with compassionate but very insistent eyes so I lay down on the bed. Eeewk. It took 1 1/2 minutes for me to start pacing all around the hospital room until I couldn’t bear it. I poked my head out the door (pardon the pun) to the reception desk and said “I don’t think I can wait 6 minutes! Will it work anyhow?” She said “Well, if it doesn’t then you’ll have to get another one“. Eeeek!! So I persisted for another minute until I couldn’t take it anymore. Basically it informs your rectum to forget about it’s job of holding shut and everything “takes a chill pill” and totally relaxes. Relief! It was the blackest poo I’ve ever seen. Obviously it’s not healthy (or helpful) for waste to stay in your system that long.

When you’ve had a cesarean it’s hard to distinguish operation pains from the ‘regular’ ones so if you’ve had a c-section, keep this little story in mind and chat with a nurse if you haven’t been 2’s within a couple of days of birth…..and drink the little cup of liquid when she tells you!


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