Concerns Researched on Your Behalf

Written by admin on April 17th, 2011. Posted in Suggestion Box

Something bothering you you'd like to know more about?

Take a second out of your busy day to ponder this.

Has something been nagging you in the back of your mind? Thoughts of “I wonder if this detergent is safe?” “What’s actually in my baby’s shampoo/conditioner/soap/bath oil?” “What’s that yuk odour from my baby’s new shoes?” “That new chest of drawers has a weird smell” “My kid sucked the paint off the beak of his bath duck, is that dangerous?”…

Email me at and have your concerns delved into and an article written especially for you without burning a minute of your own time!

As a new mum with a passion for researching health concerns and finding better alternatives, I’m very happy to help others enjoy a healthy home and family. Time is short in our modern lives and those nagging feelings that go un-actioned could prove costly to your family’s health.

Current ideas for upcoming articles:

  • “Healthy Home” – Bug Killers in our Homes: Are they necessary? Are the so-called “natural” ingredients any safer?
  • “Healthy Home” – REAL Natural Flooring Alternatives. (And no, it’s not sand! Although there was that amazing bar in Fiji…)
  • “Nursery & Baby Equipment” – SAY NO THANKS to those cheap gifts from China.
  • “Nursery & Baby Equipment” – Lead and other Elements in Toys.
  • “Boobs & Bottles” – Trouble breastfeeding? Get in touch with a Milk Bank.
  • “Boobs & Bottles” – Breastfeeding a baby with bad indigestion? Foods we found caused our babies grief.
  • “Learning” – Links to Free baby/toddler learning videos (Alphabet, Counting, Sight Words, Music, Colours)