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PASS on the Flowers: Bacteria Breeders

Written by admin on February 4th, 2011. Posted in Hygiene Safety, In the Hospital

For a woman flowers are such a lovely gift to receive at any time of the year. It’s one of those purchases you wouldn’t ordinarily make for yourself so it’s a beautiful treat to receive. But when you’ve just given birth to a beautiful little newborn the last thing you should have hovering over his/her cot are flowers with pollen and especially flowers more than one day old. Bacteria and mould begin to grow in the water soaked stems and is circulated around through the air. There’s a reason that ICU’s (Intensive Care Units) don’t allow flowers.

Put the word out that you’d love simple/thoughtful gifts that aren’t of the floral variety. We are blessed with a beautiful friend who sent us an amazing box of 0000 ‘hand me down’ clothing for our girls and it was far more useful than any bunch of flowers. To this day that gift remains the most valuable in memory. Pre washed, pre loved clothing is the BEST thing that can go on your newborn baby’s skin. Chemicals from it’s manufacture are all but gone and this fabric is second only to organic cotton garments. Pre loved’s are gold! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Marianne xo