Kindest Positions for Sleep

Written by admin on February 5, 2011. Posted in Sleep Challenges

In any of the literature you’ll read on pregnancy you’ll see that laying on your left side is best for circulation of your blood to your baby. But even if you read nothing at all your baby will tell you, left is best. Wow did our twins kick up a fuss if I tried laying on my right side or back for more than a minute. They disliked it intensely! Go with what your body and your baby tells you in addition to heeding what the books say.

Towards the 30th week with the extra weight pressing me into the bed my hip bones became so sore that I couldn’t sleep for more than an hour or two. I found laying on my left side suspended on top of two pillows, one under my bump and one under my bottom to be the most supportive. I put two pillows down side by side in the bed with about a 2 inch gap between them and that’s where I centered myself. It creates a lift which reduces the pressure on your hips while you sleep. This was the only relief I found worked for me. For daytime naps I lay like this but positioned my feet higher than my heart to help drain the fluid from my feet. I had a LOT of fluid retention (30kg weight gain by the birth) and although raising my feet didn’t show any physical signs of improvement, internally it eased the pain. The skin on my feet were stretched so fat with fluid they stung with pain. My partner massaged them most nights and tried pushing the fluid back up into my legs but alas, all it achieved were trenches of dents in my fluid soaked shins.

Legs up on the walls ladies!

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