Nipple Shields: Ignoring the Midwives

Written by admin on February 4, 2011. Posted in Boobs & Bottles

Good Lord, the midwives! Don’t get me started on the midwives. And the Attila Lactation Consultants! Even more fanatical. If you’ve got grazes all over your nipples and find yourself stomping the floor while breastfeeding nipple shields are a saviour. Much to the tutt tutting of the midwives and lactation consultants, they did absolutely nothing to impact my milk flow nor the feeding skills of our twin baby girls. If you find yourself banged up, send your partner out to buy a set along with some Lansinoh cream (a must for cracked nipples) and you’ll never look back. You don’t have to continue with them permanently, just till the skin heals and you can try your technique again with fresh nipples.

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