Tip #1: Save your Skin – Avocado Oil – The Stretch Saviour!

Written by admin on February 3, 2011. Posted in Yummy Mummy Secrets

I’m a small woman but by the end of my twin pregnancy I was absolutely HUGE. Big didn’t describe me but I didn’t get one stretch mark on my tummy, hips or thighs. By chance I bought a bottle of Pregnancy Oil from “Perfect Potion” early in the pregnancy and applied it every day. It’s main ingredient is avocado oil which we all know is good for us internally but now has proven itself to me externally too. I packed on 25kgs when I last weighed myself at 37 weeks and didn’t give birth till 38 weeks 5 days. So I would have easily put on at least another 5kg bringing total weight gain to over 30kgs. I attribute my very fortunate result to the avocado oil. I highly recommend you buy the oil and not the cream. In general creams just have a thickener added and it isn’t as effective or potent in it’s benefits as the oil. I’m astounded and so thankful that I didn’t get any stretch marks.

This is my Yummy Mummy Secret #1 to you!

No stretch marks!

Photo taken 2 months after birth and I had dropped all the painful fluid associated with the last 2 months of the pregnancy and pre-eclampsia. 19 months on and I’m still waiting for my ribcage to return to it’s normal position and the xiphoid process (the very last bone at the bottom of your ribcage) that was pushed outwards to go back in. I’m guessing it won’t. Well at least it’ll be in the right position for the next pregnancy!

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