Tip #2: Step awaaaaay from the Sudocrem!

Written by admin on February 18, 2011. Posted in Baby Boogies, Yummy Mummy Secrets

Bepanthen Saved our Girls' Butts!

If you have Sudocrem in your baby’s bag of tricks and your baby is still getting (even slight) nappy rash put it back in the cupboard or in the recycling bin. I used Sudocrem at every nappy change for the first 12 months (we also tried Paw Paw ointment and 100% pure Emu Oil) with our twins and they were still getting nappy rash. Mum used Sudocrem for my little brother and sister so I suppose it was a familiarity thing. Like reaching for the same brand of peanut butter purely because you recognise the colours on the pack! It didn’t seem to be working for my girls though so I was pedantically changing them almost every hour or two but it just wasn’t helping. The final straw was when Kaia developed a really severe bout of nappy rash and it actually blistered all over her bottom and spots of skin brushed off leaving a raw exposed layer of dermis. I went to the chemist and bought Bepanthen and NEVER LOOKED BACK! 7 months on and with only one application a day (at night after baths) neither of the girls have had a nappy rash since. Bepanthen has a gentle antiseptic in it to avoid infection so it also helps with skin irritations and apparently cracked nipples while breastfeeding. Not sure how great it is to be in baby’s mouth though really. I only switched to it after I finished breastfeeding. Lansinoh was wonderful for my cracked nipples. Oh, there’s yummy mummy tip #3!

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