Snotty Gobbles

Written by admin on March 1, 2011. Posted in Baby Boogies

Our girls both had sniffly blocked noses at 2 weeks of age that I tried to clear using a baby nasal aspirator. It worked quite well on liquid snotty gobbles but not so well on hardened ones. I always moistened the soft insert with water before putting it in their nose. Tip: I found that holding one nostril closed briefly while sucking the other really helped to pull the muck out. It helps seal the escaping air. The aspirator we bought had a stopper which was the right length for their nostril taking the guesswork out of it but if it’s your first baby it’s still a scary thing to attempt!

I was a pro by their second winter at around age 1. Leila really hated the ‘nasal invasion’ experience (I don’t blame her!) and Kaia although hating it submitted herself without protest because she knew she’d feel better afterwards. She had this “Urgh okay if you must. Come on, get it over with” look on her face. ha ha. That difference in their personalities (being identical twins) has permeated throughout their lives. Kaia is sort of a tough cookie SAS-type that rarely whines or complains and Leila manages to find the drama in everything! I’m sure she will have a great career in acting. :D

If your baby is born with little hair (or loses some shortly after birth) remember in winter how cold his/her head can get in an unheated room, or especially outside and how much body heat is lost via the head. Our babies constantly pushed their little beanies off during the night and I was constantly putting them back on (adding to my sleeplessness). Exposed hands also get a chill so mittens are a must. If you can’t lay your hands on mittens, baby socks do just as well.

Good luck to all those nervous new mums attempting to poke a rubber snotty gobbler up their baby’s nose for the first time. Remember you’re not alone and it gets easier the more you need to do it.

Oh, another tip. Have a tissue laid out ready next to you so you can squirt the snotty straight onto it and go back for more if needed. The last thing you want to do is have to run around finding one with a cranky baby squirming in your arms! Get it all done in one sitting and go on with your day…with a happy snot-free baby.

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