The Weather – Baby Needs Your Attention to Detail

Written by admin on March 1, 2011. Posted in Baby Clothing

On a warm but breezy day out shopping, I saw what looked to be a week-old baby in a pram sockless and bare legged with a light sheet thrown haphazardly over her and she was shivering and her little chin was shaking. There was a man standing next to her not paying very much attention so I made an obvious point as we walked past to stare concerned at the baby and say in a raised voice “Oh no! She’s COLD poor little thing!” and his attention returned to the baby (if only to lazily adjust the blanket). My point is a baby’s temperature really needs to be monitored. You may think it’s hot but baby may not have enough covering on to keep her core temperature at a safe level. Conversely you may not think it’s not hot but she may have one layer too many on and be suffering. Especially while asleep babies really need looking after and a mindful eye watching out for sweat around their hairline or shivering, teeth chattering or a change in skin colour. I make a habit of placing an open palm on our girls’ backs to check their body temp is ok and change their clothing immediately if it’s not.

I’m probably getting off topic here but I have to say again how important natural fibres are for your baby, especially while very young pre-6 months of age. Polyester gets very sweaty even if it’s just a polyester blanket wrapped around them. The madness I see in toddlers & bigger kids clothing is throughout their wardrobe but it baffles me why they use polyester in pajamas! The last thing you want to do it sweat in bed.

A Polyester blanket is a sweat trap! Soft to touch but terrible for baby.

With polyester you can find they develop heat rash or sweat pimples because the fibres don’t breathe or allow your baby’s sweat to be absorbed and evaporate. In my other articles in this category Baby Clothing I talk about organic or pre-loved clothing to avoid PBDE’s (fire retardant chemicals) but it’s really important to avoid non-natural fibres too. It can cause a whole host of problems and skin conditions for your child. Stick with natural fibres preferably organic or pre-loved (ie pre-washed) to sidestep the chemicals AND the man-made synthetic fibres.

Your baby will thank you for it with good health!

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