Bob Parsons of GoDaddy – There is a harmonious solution!

Written by admin on April 1, 2011. Posted in Rants

There's a better way Bob Parsons

If ex-Vietnam vet and GoDaddy CEO Bob Parson’s egomaniacal slaying of an elephant in Zimbabwe isn’t a classic example of shooting oneself in the kneecap I don’t know what is.

Worldwide community backlash is mounting upon him and GoDaddy over a self-made and blogged video of Parson’s attempting to express concern at a local farmer’s loss of crop but more transparently, his eagerness to pull the trigger on some ‘big game’.

Clients are pulling their GoDaddy accounts left, right and centre with good cause. Most notably PETA an organization for the ethical treatment of animals.

Quite simply people are voting with their feet and pulling accounts even at their own expense to make a statement. We are not going to finance your lifestyle of chest beating and butchery. Given elephants have demonstrated a proven ability of intelligence, long term memory, intense feelings, family network and massive grief at the loss of family members, Bob Parson’s slaying of a so-called ‘problem’ elephant is the action of a short-sighted, opportunistic trigger-happy man.

Here’s an amazing, harmonious and clever alternative we discovered taking place in Sri Lanka that could be adopted in Zimbabwe’s clash between elephant and human needs. In Sri Lanka after bitter land battles between farmer and elephant, they are now allowing elephants to come and go as they please and collecting and processing the elephant’s dung. From this highly fibrous dung comes a beautiful handmade and dyed (odour-free!) paper product. A product that earns them a profitable, honest, ethical living.

Those clever Sri Lankans!










Now THAT’S outside the box thinking that benefits everyone!

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